5 Ways Regular Exfoliation Helps Keep Your Dog Healthy

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells and dirt from the skin's surface, and it's probably something you already know about as part of your own skincare routine. However, you might not appreciate how much regular exfoliation can benefit your dog.

This is something that will be completed as part of the grooming routine. As your dog is groomed, the groomer will work to remove those dead skin cells and dirt, and here are just five ways that help keep a dog healthy.

1. Avoids Itchiness

When dead skin cells and dirt are allowed to accumulate on your dog's skin, their pores can become clogged, and their skin can become itchy. While this can be an annoyance for your dog, it might not seem like a potential health issue. However, dogs that keep scratching can irritate their skin, potentially leading to lesions.

2. Improves Blood Flow

By removing the old skin cells from your dog, you will increase blood flow to their skin. This is great news for your dog's health since increased blood flow will ensure a good supply of the water, oxygen, and nutrients the skin requires. This means your dog will be healthier. As an added plus, increased blood flow will also help keep your dog's coat looking its best.

3. Prevents Infections

When dead cells and dirt are allowed to accumulate, they can block up pores and potentially lead to infections. This is most common in breeds with lots of deep skin folds since those folds provide the perfect environment for infections to develop. By making sure those dead cells and other contaminants are routinely cleaned and brushed away, you can help prevent infections.

4. Prevents Cysts

Sebaceous cysts develop when a hair follicle or skin pore is blocked by dirt or debris, including dead skin cells. While they are not normally something you need to worry about, sebaceous cysts may sometimes require treatment. Those treatments can be as straightforward as a fine-needle aspiration or as invasive as surgical removal. By keeping the skin free of dirt and dead skin cells, you can prevent those cysts from developing.

5. Provides Nourishment

When a groomer exfoliates your dog, they use special scrubs that have healthy oils and salts added. Your dog's skin can take in the minerals and nutrients found in those products via dermal absorption, so regular exfoliation can also provide a great way to give your dog's skin all the goodness it requires.

Talk to a vet about the benefits of exfoliation for your dog.