Why Bring Food Along When Your Rabbit Has Surgery?

If your rabbit has a surgery soon, then your vet will tell you what to do and what to expect both before and after the procedure. They may also ask you to bring some of your rabbit's food with you when you bring your pet in. Why is this necessary and what food should you take?

Why Rabbits Need Food Around a Procedure

Some animals, like cats and dogs, don't eat for a few hours before surgery. This reduces the risk that they will vomit during the procedure which could be dangerous to them.

However, rabbits don't have the same vomiting reflex. They aren't likely to have these food-related problems. In fact, your rabbit needs to be eating normally both before and after surgery to stay in the best condition.

If rabbits don't have a constant supply of food moving through their gastrointestinal system, then they can get sick quickly. So, your vet will be happier if your pet has food in its system before the surgery and then eats straight away afterwards.

What to Take in With Your Rabbit

Some vets have a supply of rabbit food that they'll give your pet before and after its operation. However, not all vets supply food. They may also prefer your pet to have the food it normally eats at home as this increases the chances it will eat.

Your rabbit may feel stressed when you drop it off. It might shy away from eating unfamiliar foods or even from eating out of unfamiliar bowls. So, your vet may ask you to bring along some of your pet's favourite foods and its bowls to boost the chances it does eat when it is given the chance.

If your vet isn't specific about the type of food to take with you, then take stuff that you know your pet likes to eat. Animals often prefer to eat healthy foods after surgery, so greens and hay are a good bet. These also move easily and quickly through a rabbit's system.

In some cases, your vet may just ask you to feed your rabbit as usual before you bring in to the hospital but to bring in some food for a snack afterwards. If your rabbit will have a wait before surgery or if there might be delays, then staff may ask you to bring in more food so it can eat before and afterwards.

To find out more about what to take along with your rabbit, ask your vet or staff at the veterinary hospital. For more information, speak to the staff at a veterinary hospital like Wakeley Veterinary Hospital