4 Benefits of Puppy Behaviour Training Courses

While you might hold off taking your new puppy on a behaviour training course because it is so young, there are advantages to doing this early. Why should you start formal training as soon as you can?

1. Tap Into Your Puppy's Desire to Learn

Your puppy doesn't automatically know how you need it to behave; however, it will learn fast and willingly at this age. Young dogs might take a little time to turn learning into consistent behaviour, but they are eager to please and prepared to keep trying. If you reward your puppy with love and treats, then it will associate learning and good behaviour as positives from an early age.

2. Set a Baseline of Good Habits

Older dogs sometimes find it hard to accept behavioural training once they have outgrown their puppy stage. They can be a lot harder to retrain once they have picked up bad habits.

For example, if an older dog persistently runs away from its owners, picks fights with other dogs or barks all the time, then it can be hard to change the dog's behavioural patterns. Bad habits run deep and are hard to modify if they have been left unchecked for years.

If you start training your dog at the puppy stage, then it probably won't have any bad habits just yet. If it is leaning towards behaviour you want to modify, such as constant barking, then early intervention can teach your puppy to behave differently. If you set good habits at this stage, they will stay with your puppy for life.

3. Establish a Strong Relationship With Your Pet

While you want your relationship with your puppy to be fun, you also need your dog to understand your hierarchy at home. You can't simply be a fun playmate; your dog needs to know that you are also head of its pack.

A puppy behaviour training class helps you structure your relationship. Your puppy will learn how to behave in response to your direction and commands. It will get used to you being in charge.

4. Develop Good Puppy Social Skills

It can take puppies a while to learn how to socialise with both people and other dogs. Like many young creatures, they are keen to play and have fun; however, they sometimes take things too far.

If you take your puppy to classes, then they get the chance to be around other people and other dogs. They learn how to behave more appropriately.

If you want recommendations of a good local puppy behaviour training class, then call your vet. Some clinics run their own courses or can help you find a good trainer in your area.