Three Simple Signs That Your Bird Might Need To See A Vet

Birds are an increasingly popular type of pet because of their low maintenance, fun personality and unique nature that is more suited to city living than, say, a dog or cat. If you do own a pet bird then you know they can be quite affectionate in their own way, and some can even speak back to you and display their own personalities. However, figuring out if your pet bird is in pain or trouble can be a bit difficult, especially when compared to a dog or cat. Here are a few signs that indicate your bird might need to see a vet.

Refusing To Socialise  

A lot of bird owners allow their birds a bit of freedom when all the doors and windows are shut. Allowing a bird to fly around and hang out with you can be a great way to build trust and enjoy each other's company. If your pet bird has done this in the past, but is now, for some reason, refusing to spend any time near you and just stays in its cage or the room in which the cage is in, then you might want to have a professional vet look at it, as it may be nursing an injury or illness of some kind.

Food And Water

You should always be monitoring how much food and water your bird is consuming, and if it falls below an expected level then you may want to get an expert opinion as to why. Birds are, after all, not generally that big, so even a small change in diet needs an explanation. It could be something as minor as a stomach ache or something far more serious that requires surgery to fix. Whatever the case, acting quickly is the most important thing to ensure a swift and smooth recovery.

Aggressive Behaviour

If your bird is nipping at your fingers and flaring its wings at you whenever you get close then it could be in severe discomfort and is warning you to stay away. Birds get very protective and annoyed when they are in pain, just like many humans do, and often this change in demeanour is very sudden and quite obvious. It is nothing personal against you, if anything your bird is crying out for help in its own way and you should make sure they are able to see a vet as soon as they can.