Bella Arnold

How a Regular Health Check From Your Vet Will Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy

Many people think that vets are only needed when there is something wrong with their pet. In fact, most vets will offer a regular health check for your cat or dog, which can detect many problems before they become serious. Here are some of the things your vet will check at a wellness appointment. Weight Firstly the vet will make a note of your pet's weight. Many problems will be flagged up by an increase or decrease in weight, so by keeping a record of this your vet will see if there have been any changes that need investigating. Read More 

3 Ways Your Dog Could Be Poisoned and Why You Should Rush It to a Veterinary Hospital

Every pet parent thinks they understand the basics of keeping their animal safe. Yet, accidental pet poisoning is one of the most common reasons for emergency visits to the vet. Most people often assume that items that are safe for them to ingest are also safe for their dogs. The foods and medications that you take daily could cause severe poisoning when ingested by your dog. For this reason, it is crucial to know about all the potential causes of pet poisoning. Read More 

Understanding Salmonella Infection In Hamsters

Salmonella is a highly contagious bacterial infection that hamsters can contract when they come into contact with contaminated water, food or bedding material. Salmonella can make your hamster seriously ill, and it can even be fatal if your hamster does not receive prompt treatment. If your hamster has salmonella they can pass it to you and to other pets they come into contact with, so they should be handled as little as possible. Read More 

Understanding Brain Tumours In Dogs

Any dog can develop a brain tumour, but adult dogs entering their later years are more likely to develop a brain tumour than young dogs. A brain tumour can consist of brain cells that have developed abnormally and clustered together to form a mass, or it can consist of abnormal cells that have spread to the brain from another part of the body. A tumour consisting of brain cells may or may not be cancerous, while a tumour that is made up of abnormal cells from elsewhere in the body is often cancerous. Read More 

Typical Reasons Why the Vet Will Prescribe a Pet Ultrasound

You may think ultrasounds are solely performed on humans but in recent times, ultrasonography has become increasingly available in veterinary practices. And this is not without reason. Similarly, the way this diagnostic tool is utilised to investigate the internal parts of the human body, it is just as valuable when your furry friend is feeling unwell. The great thing about pet ultrasounds is that they do not cause any discomfort to your animal. Read More