Raising A Healthy Dog

Understanding Dog Grooming

You might groom yourself to look presentable, to feel, look and smell fresh, to avoid diseases, etc. The same goes for your dog; even though he or she may not feel presentable, your dog might feel more comfortable and cleaner after a groom. You will also prevent your dog from suffering from various diseases and ensure that he or she leads a comfortable and happy life. Dog grooming is the process of bathing your dog, trimming and brushing his or her fur and clipping long nails. Read More 

Rabbit Care: Hairballs in the Stomach Explained

As rabbits self-groom, it's not uncommon for them to have hair in their digestive tract. This doesn't typically cause any issues, but when hair clumps into a mass or ball in their digestive tract it can cause and obstruction and can even be fatal without prompt treatment. Rabbits can't cough hairballs up like cats can so don't expect to find them in your rabbit's living environment. Instead, you should be aware of the symptoms of hairballs in the stomach to ensure you know when to seek veterinary care for your rabbit. Read More 

Why Is Your Parrot’s Beak Growing Too Long?

Parrot beaks grow all the time. However, birds have methods that wear their beaks down constantly to keep them at the right length. So, if your parrot's beak has suddenly started to look longer and it shows no signs of getting shorter, then you have a problem. Why might your bird's beak do this? Your Parrot Isn't Using Its Beak Enough In the wild, a parrot controls its beak length by using it. Read More 

Does Desexing Play a Role in a Male Dog’s Aggression Levels?

There are many different terms for pet desexing. It can also be called spaying, neutering or simply having your pet fixed. When a male dog is fixed, what does it actually fix? You might have heard that desexing a male dog can reduce their level of aggression, but this isn't necessarily true, and it's not something that would be evident. Having said that, there are a number of positive behavioural changes (potentially including their aggression levels) that your dog should begin to exhibit after he has been desexed. Read More 

Nipping Dog Bites! 3 Practical Tips to Try When Grooming an Aggressive Dog

Grooming enhances the general health of your dog in a big way, but how do you groom an aggressive dog? Every dog gets aggressive during grooming for a reason, which you should first identify. If the previous grooming was a bit traumatic, your dog will resist the next one and become aggressive. Here's how you handle a dog that gets aggressive when being groomed: Identify the Cause of Aggressiveness Did your dog experience skin cuts or razor burns during the previous grooming? Read More